Lincoln’s Haymarket

130 year old building

signature flavor blends

local brews & exciting cocktails

welcoming atmosphere & staff

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Why You’ll LOVE LeadBelly…

“Make Yourself at Home” Atmosphere

We’ve gone to great lengths to create a blend between the old-fashioned “watering-hole” and the friendly, “come as you are” attitude inspired by the 80s hit series where “NORM!” was the popular rally-cry of it’s regulars. Bottomline, we REALLY CARE as much about your experience as we do about the food and drinks we serve you!

Pub-Classics with an Awesome Twist

Most things on the menu you’ve heard of, sure…BUT, we always add that certain “zing” that’ll have your tastebuds yearning for more…yeah, you’ll be back ; ) And bring new friends!

The Flavor of Supporting YOUR Community

Our passion doesn’t stop at food… we love supporting the community:
We buy local when we can.
We even repurpose local materials to create our great dining vibe!

Insanely passionate about connecting with people

– and providing a mouth-watering experience with the food they love, has always been a priority for Red Herring Concepts. We envision local pub-dining where your friends, family and fellow foodies can gather to celebrate, love, laugh, mourn, learn, cheer and connect.

What people are saying…

We haven’t been eating out much with COVID, but since they have the patio option and all of their staff are wearing masks, we felt safer about it. Although their menu was limited, they still had plenty to offer. The food is a dollar or two higher than one might expect, but the portions are big and everything we’ve ever eaten here is delicious. We also took advantage of their happy hour that went until 6 PM. Claneta was a fabulous server and the food came out within minutes of ordering.

Sommer Lassiter

I love LeadBelly! I eat here like 3 times a week and have never had a bad experience. The workers are super sweet and fun to talk to. Masks are required and they actually follow that and make sure people wear them which I love. The tables are also socially distanced so I feel safe to eat out. Love this place!

Megan White

My family has eaten here many, many times since we moved here in the summer. It’s not just one of our favorite Omaha spots, it’s one of our favorite restaurants, period. One of the contributing factors for us is the fact that everything we get on the menu has been absolute delicious. Some restaurants, you visit for that one meal you love and can’t get anywhere else. For LeadBelly, I could probably just throw a dart at the menu and be happy every time. I’ve enjoyed multiple different burgers, this rueben, even their mac n’ cheese. All fantastic. Cant wait for the next time I try something new and get blown away.

Blake Johnson

Unique sandwiches and burgers with lots of veggie and vegan options. Delicious and fairly priced with a relaxed atmosphere and helpful and friendly staff! Particularly liked their "don't enter if you're exhibiting the following symptoms" sign made for a very welcoming environment! Will be back and would recommend 10/10

Kelley Jorgensen

We all have our positives and negatives. We all have our ups and downs. Especially during these unprecedented times. Leadbelly is the exception. Only ups. Only positives. From adherence to mask mandates. To exceptional customer service, Leadbelly goes above and beyond to provide an excellent opportunity to every single person who walks in.

Joshua Malfoy

Presentation was great, food selection is pretty good has a bit of everything chicken beef vegan. The waitress was extremely responsive and the atmosphere was great. Definitely recommend getting a hamburger they’re to die for definitely will be coming back if I’m ever in the state again.

Dan Krause

A fav spot for delicious American food. Next time I'll be back with my coworkers. Wish it was closer to my house, I would come every week.

Audrey Woods

American food, super good. Service is consistently above par. The place has an awesome feel to it. I can see why they have so many great reviews.

Juanita Shaffer

American food and the scene here is super good. Super tasty. The service was sociable and attentive. Prices were fair for the quality of the food. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

Craig Greer